Andy Potts

Creative Font-end Developer living Bristol, UK.

  1. Lets Get Physical

    Seymour Papert I just watched Seymour Papert's video on The Turtle, for University, and I agree with what he's saying. I especially like his quote "Education is to do with engagement & falling in love with a material", different methods of interaction can help us learn in different ways. The…

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  2. Designing for Public Space

    Here's another blog post for my Interaction Design module, for University! We have to write a breif blog post on a design that is concerned with public space. The design I'm going to briefly talk about is the 170-foot trampoline footpath, in a Russian park. Someone took the idea of…

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  3. Microsofts future of Interaction Design

    I recently started studying a module in Interaction Design at University, for those of you who don't know what Interaction Design is, it's how humans interact with computers and digital devices. I've just read A Brief Rant on the future of Interaction Design, if you haven't read it yet, give…

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  4. Transitioning from Photoshop to Sketch

    I've always loved using Photoshop, and believe it has become the de facto standard for designing Websites & Apps. But recently there's been talk of a decent, Mac only alternative, available for a much more reasonable price; Sketch 3. Recently I tried out Sketch, and for my first blogpost on…

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